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Our story and our vision

Get2C’s core business is climate change, carbon and energy. It was founded in 2011 by a multidisciplinary team with over 15 years of experience in these areas.

Though based in Portugal, Get2C‘s corporate culture is globally oriented and we are present in Brazil, through its subsidiary Get2C Brazil, as well as in Mozambique.

Our vision – “Develop Smart Projects aiming a Cooler World” – is developed through the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects leading us towards a cool and cooler world.

We know that the journey towards a sustainable low carbon society is a long road and that it is fundamental to re-examine the concept of efficiency in the use of our natural resources. We believe it essential to redefine new standards for services, consumption, production and behaviors in order to change the concept of “less carbon” from a mere expression. We understand that we have to look at problems in ways that are innovative and holistic in collaboration, cooperation and partnership. Only then can we create value and achieve a low carbon economy.

This is the path we want to be on – a path leading to a “Cooler World”, one with zero emissions by the second half of this century.



Our Associates

Our people make the difference. It is they who work with and for our clients supporting and challenging them. It is they who create value. It is they who make us more competitive through their creativity, innovation and dedication.

Get2C is committed to a culture which brings out the best in our associates. One that helps them mobilize outside partnerships

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Our name

According to NASA’s “Earth Observatory” the average global temperature has increased approximately 0.8º Celsius (1.4º Fahrenheit) since 1880. Two thirds of global warming has occurred since 1975, at a rate of around 0.15-0.20º C per decade.

Though the result of the Copenhagen Conference in 2009 fell short of the expectations there was an international compromise, for the first time, to limit the future increase of the earth’s average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius.

Get2C takes its inspiration from this scenario where the average global temperature would rise to a maximum of 2 degrees. Though the impacts of this increase are negative, the goal is to minimize them and to create opportunities to limit, in a serious manner, the increase of the average global temperature to 2º Celsius.

GET 2C = Not to exceed the 2º Celsius