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Climate Strategy

Formulating a long-term vision for climate change is one of the most difficult challenges facing society today. Climate change is now an inescapable reality. A reality which is fast becoming an integral part of business strategies.

At Get2C we assist in the assessement and structure of climate strategies for both the public and private sectors. For the public sector, Get2C has the resources to formulate participatory policies, programs and processes which support robust strategies in keeping with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the success of the Sustainable Development Goals. For the private sector, we optimize the most competitive advantage, in line with the specific needs of each organization and their markets in preparation toward a decarbonised economy.

“We assist in the assessement and structure of climate strategies for both the public and private sectors.”

Climate Instruments

Get2C assists its customers in implementing their climate strategies.  Through our advisory to local and national governments, we help the public sector design and implement tools to build the foundations of their climate action. Through a global vision of the climate change problem we create concrete tools toward its solution.
In the private sector, we help companies think about their business, supporting their decision-making and equipping them with the tools to enable them to respond to the demands and challenges of climate change and increase their competitiveness.

“We advise both the public and private sectors to develop and implement tools to meet the new demands and challenges of climate change.”

Climate Action

Get2C promotes solutions through the implementation of programs and projects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. In the field of mitigation, Get2C assists its customers in the implementation of technological solutions, processes and behaviors with a direct impact on the reduction of GHG emissions (greenhouse gases). In adaptation projects, Get2C and its partners develop measures to reduce vulnerability and increase the resilience of populations and companies to the effects of climate change.

“We implement programs and projects to mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

Climate Finance

Changing the climate paradigm requires new approaches in financing processes and technologies in order to accelerate the transition to new energy sources. Get2C has been developing climate finance solutions that are recognizably innovative in their promotion of technological solutions for sustainable development. Get2C also supports public and private institutions to leverage capital, both public and private, to finance their climate strategy.

“We design innovative climate finance solutions that promote technological infrastructure and solutions.”