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Emissions Trading Scheme

In 2005 the European Union established the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). The aim was to achieve emission reductions in the sectors covered by the Scheme, at the lowest possible cost, by allowing the transfer of emission allowances within the facilities covered by the Scheme. This generates a price for carbon emissions and, therefore, an incentive   to transition toward low carbon technologies and fuels. The EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme) covers all industry and aviation.

The team at Get2c has worked for several years in the implementation of ETS in several companies within various sectors, (energy production, cement, whitewash, paper, glass, sugar, tomato plantations, dairy, textiles and biofuels…), and is recognized nationally and internationally in emissions trading schemes.

Services provided by GET2C to companies covered by the EU ETS include advisory services in compliance of legal obligations (monitoring, communication and verification), evaluations and auditing services in energy consumption, identification and evaluation of projects to reduce emissions, management of carbon emissions credits and licenses and the strategic analysis of ETS in new installations/plants and new investments.

“The team at Get2c has worked for several years in the implementation of ETS in several companies within various sectors”

Climate Policy

The international community is committed to the fight against climate change in the past decades. This challenge has two main tracks: mitigation and adaptation. Both mitigation efforts and adaptation needs have an impact on international economic development; the first deals with the root of the problem – rising greenhouse gas emissions – and the second with its consequences; creates the tools for society to adapt and prepare against the impacts of climate change.

Climate change is no longer a future problem. It is taking place now. The two degree limit on the increase from pre-industrial global temperature, established as a goal by the international community at the 2009 Climate Conference in Copenhagen – will be compromised if more drastic mitigation measures are not taken in the coming decade.

Changes in the climate we face will decisively impact the daily lives of our and future generations. For that reason Get2C has been assisting international organizations and national governments, as well as, local authorities and multilateral agencies in this challenge. At Get2C we have a thorough knowledge of the operation and rules of several major financial instruments for project funding in the area of climate change.

“We highlight our highly experienced team in political, technical and strategic support in European and National delegations with United Nations and European negotiations.”

Corporate Sustainability

It is an irrefutable reality for communities and enterprises today to adopt strategies which promote sustainability. It is necessary to be better and do better. Sustainability implies making better options for a better tomorrow: to create opportunities and not obstacles; to be transparent; to identify the potential to change the way we change and innovate.

The European Union defends the need to limit global warming to no more than 2º C during this century. Beyond this limit the impact of climate change will be even more dramatic and adaptation more difficult, more costly and in some cases impossible. This 2ºC target implies significant de-carbonization globally until the end of the century.

Get2C is committed to fulfilling this need. Therefore, it operates both nationally and internationally in the development of low carbon strategies, including emissions inventories and in identifying opportunities to reduce and offset emissions. We also operate in the identification, evaluation and development of emission reduction projects of greenhouse gas emissions under programs such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the voluntary market.

“Get2C is prepared to work on the sustainability of its customers from various sectors in low-carbon strategies, emissions offsetting, origination and evaluation of carbon projects and renewable energy. ”

Special Projects

The world we want to see in 2050 is our “cooler world“ and your “cooler world”. This vision comes form our company’s vision. It is based on the efficient use of natural and economic resources and sustainable development.

Our planet needs a globally sustainable economy. Our planet needs the words such as “green”, “low carbon”, “climate”, “smart” and “economy” to come together under one vision.

Our vision at GET2C follows this pathway creating special (smart) projects which are truly sustainable for the company and for others. These projects have a broad based vision and can only make sense through partnerships and a long-term goal. These projects will lead us into a “cooler world”: a world of no emissions but, efficient resources; a world that values the use of innovative natural capital at lower costs.

“Get2C is committed to the challenge of developing sustainable and innovative projects”