Carbon Credits and Additionality – Past, Present, and Future 

This technical note was prepared for the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) by Get2C with input, review, and oversight by Felicity Spors, Pauline Kennedy, Alexandrina Platonova-Oquab, and Harikumar Gadde (PMR Secretariat).

“The World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) brings together developed and developing countries to build readiness for carbon market instruments to support cost-effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the PMR’s Technical Work Program, the PMR Secretariat asked Get2c to develop a technical briefing on the issue of additionality. The PMR’s offset and crediting working group identified the topic as an area of particular relevance to inform countries about the consideration of additionality in the context of new crediting mechanisms that they are exploring.

The terms of reference identify three key objectives, as follows, to:

  • clarify the concept of additionality and its significance for crediting mechanisms;
  • describe the different approaches that have been used to demonstrate or test additionality; and
  • explore the implications of the evolving carbon markets on the application and importance of


    The analysis is based on desktop research and consultation with relevant experts, including with the PMR’s Offsets and Crediting Working Group.”

    “Additionality is a key concept behind any crediting scheme. Different additionality concepts have been used by different schemes, and in some cases, more than one concept has been used by the same scheme, as has been the case with the CDM. As this technical note hopefully has highlighted, the use of different concepts and different approaches to additionality testing across schemes is a reflection of the motivations behind each regime, their learning from other experience, and the policy context under which each regime has developed. As such, the search for an ideal additionality protocol is senseless, as each case is its own.”

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